Tamil Liberation Struggle for Self-determination: 20 Years After the Ceasefire Agreement (2002- 2022)

International Conference on
Tamil Liberation Struggle for Self-determination: 20 Years After the Ceasefire Agreement (2002- 2022)

The Necessity for Delisting of the LTTE, the Protection of Tamil Rights and the De-Stigmatization of the Global Tamil Diaspora

Twenty years after the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA), this Conference examines the failures of the Norwegian-mediated Peace Process in Sri Lanka and adverse impacts of post-9/11 geopolitics on freedom movements seeking self-determination.

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Conference Time: Friday (February 18) at 3 PM EST; Saturday (February 19) at 9 AM EST, 2022


 1. Upcoming Conference Press Statement: Liberation Struggle for Tamil Self-determination: 20 Years After (https://www.prweb.com/releases/liberation_struggle_for_tamil_self_determination_20_years_after_tgm_press_release/prweb18179367.htm) In Tamil : https://tamilconferences.org/conferenceondelist_ta/

2. Call for papers – Liberation Struggle for Tamil Self-determination: 20 Years After – Tamil Conferences

3. https://www.einpresswire.com/article/555571004/tamil-genocide-memorial-announces-conference-on-liberation-struggle-for-tamil-self-determination-20-years-after

The purpose and objectives of this Conference are:  

  1. Understanding the political, legal, and military milestones and pressures that undermined and ultimately led to the breakdown of Sri Lanka -Tamil Eelam Peace Process between 2002-2006

  2. Studying the adverse impact of listing the freedom movement (LTTE) as a terrorist organization during the peace process and multiple listing renewals after the Tamil freedom movement was decimated in 2009.

  3. Revisiting Tamil Eelam’s state infrastructure, de-facto governance mechanisms, the CFA between the LTTE and Sri Lankan Government, ISGA proposal, the humanitarian reconstruction proposal P-TOMs

  4. Analyze the unlawful ban and negative light shed on the LTTE. 

  5. Highlighting the stigmatizing and criminalizing impact of the LTTE ban on the Tamil diaspora in a post-war context, and its adverse impact on future Tamil generations.

Conference Dates: Friday (February 18) at 3 PM EST; Saturday (February 19) at 9 AM EST, 2022

Online participants: Please register at this Eventbrite link   or https://tamilconferences.org/register

Call for Papers:  Closed

The conference organizers invite academics, subject matter experts, lawyers and human rights activists to submit their 200-word abstract to the email provided below or contact one of the organizations to get more details. The due date for the abstract is January 14, 2021.


The conference themes are:

  1. Impact of the Listing and its consequences on the Personal and Psycho-Social Life of the Tamil Diaspora.

  2. Right to Self-determination of Eelam Tamils and the Non-violent struggle for justice and equality from 1948 to 1983.

  3. Mistakes and missteps of the International community toward good faith peace-building regarding Norwegian facilitation, The Peace accord or Peace trap, and the absence of UN intervention or investigations.

  4. De-listing the LTTE and Decriminalizing the Tamil Diaspora as the path forward

From Jaffna to London or Toronto, delisting also ends racial policing, surveillance, and immigration policies that target Tamil communities. Delisting is a necessary step to reclaim the fundamental freedoms of Eelam Tamil communities to organize and express their political opinions without fear.

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Tamil Genocide Memorial (TGM)

United Tamil Solidarity Front (UTSF)

Quebec Tamil Development Association (QTDA)

Ottawa Tamil Association (OTA)

Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action (TCCCA)

The Delft People Cultural Organization Of Canada

Canadian Tamil Coalition for Justice and Accountability (CTCJA)

Brampton Tamil Association (BTA)

Supporting  Organizations

Tamil Americans United PAC

ABC Tamil Oli